Written, performed and produced by Robert LaSalle


the cemetery's nice
when there's a full moon
and the scenery is right
there's someone at your feet every step you climb

you can just imagine
what the moment was like
you can walk amongst the living
when the moment stands perfectly still

you can read through
every stone on every grave
the flowers from the loved ones
see the wilted ones -the wilted ones that no one's thrown away

in just a few more hours
a service will be held here
for another one past away
and laid to rest

families and friends will all wear black
gathered together on the fresh grass
the sun will shine where there's no trees
and they'll all be so damn hot that they can't wait to leave

they argue together
who pays the funeral costs
deciphering the will
becomes a reason for their loss

gravedigger, dig another grave
landscaper, lay more sod
and an order will be placed
for more stone to be engraved

the afternoon limelight
soaks up flaunted tears
but in the early morning
there's nobody here

on a still, forsaken night
the moonlight casts all else aside
when the wind blows just right
the shadows open up before your eyes

in this pale light
the cemetery's nice
in this pale light
you can watch it all come to life
you can watch it all come to life


from SONGS A​-​Z Roots of Paradise (2006​-​2007), released December 31, 2007


all rights reserved



Robert LaSalle Nashville, Tennessee

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